About Michael ‘Mick’ Graetz

As the owner and founder of OZTEK , the first thing clients notice about me is my accent. I’m originally from Australia, but have lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade with my two children.

The second thing most clients observe is that I bring a deep background and passion for service and technology to the dental repair industry.

I started my career in a different technology business, working for more than 17 years in the defense industry at BAE Systems and FLIR Systems focusing on Long Range Surveillance Systems. I provided project management, lead support engineering, product through life support, equipment repairs and maintenance, design and build of test hardware, and alignment and measurement of systems. I also set up and maintained customer service centers for world class companies domestically and internationally, and trained technician teams of all sizes to perform lifecycle support for a wide range of products.

My time in the defense industry instilled the following values in my work:

  • Business and technical excellence
  • Doing things right the first time, with attention to detail
  • Showing up – Prompt and courteous
  • Holistic view of business, recognizing that if technical support doesn’t deliver, a business won’t run well

Why the name OZTEK ?

  • As an Australian, I can tell you that people from the Land Down Under like to shorten words for efficiency, often with a sense of wry humor.
  • When the short form of Australia, ‘Aus’ is pronounced, it sounds like it’s spelled ‘Oz’ – so people around the world and in my home country have taken to calling it that.
  • Put together the nickname for Australia, and my passion for being a technician, and you’ve got OZTEK .

Today, my mission is to keep your practice running the way you want, without worrying about your equipment. It’s never been more important for dentists to ensure their offices and operatories always perform optimally, to give clients the service they expect.

To turn this into reality, your equipment can’t ever let you down. You need the assurance of having a skilled and prompt service technician on your team and at your call. OZTEK delivers that, and we value the relationships we develop with our clients.

We are transforming the way you experience equipment maintenance, service and repair, making your work day easier and positive patient experiences more predictable.

I look forward to working with you.

Mick Graetz

Contact us to schedule a service or office visit:

Michael “Mick” Graetz
PO Box 1411
Lake Oswego, OR 97035